First Aid Course

Windhill Community Centre is holding a Family First Aid training session at 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm on Wednesday 31st May 2017. The cost is £5 per adult and there will be a creche provided for children from four months.

Why learn First Aid?

First aid is especially relevant for children as they will know what to do in situations where someone has been injured.  This will help them to call 999 in an emergency in addition to spotting dangers where someone could get hurt. Adults will be able to learn the proper procedures for first aid.  Such as keeping the victim calm during first aid treatment, helping people with burns and helping people choking.

Please ring Strong Close on 01535 605272 to book a session or you can contact the centre on 01274 5888331

To see other First Aid courses on the Strong Close website click here.

Image of words related to first aid for the family first aid event at windhill community centre.