Fancy yourself as a jive bunny? or maybe you can ‘trip the light fantastic’ well, Windhill community centre is where you need to be on the 1st Wednesday of every month.Not only do we offer live music , the kind you can dance to , but we also provide afternoon tea in with the cover price. It’s a great way to make new friends or meet up with old ones you haven’t seen in a while.It might even be the place to find romance while doing the Tango or Gay Gordon.No dress code required but nor can we stop you from coming dressed to impress. For the price of a lottery ticket there is a chance to to enjoy live music in a room full of potential new friends and dance partners.Local artiste to perform live music for our inaugural event.Each one thereafter will feature a different performer but all will have one thing in common, it will all be music from by gone ages or original music being performed. There is no pressure to have to dance, maybe you just want to be with friends and have a chat, reminisce about days gone by over a sandwich and a cup of tea.