The Local Authority have set a budget which will have a severe impact upon our centre if it is approved at the Full Council Meeting on February 25th. While we appreciate the Elected Members have very difficult decisions to make, (with drastically reduced money from Central Government), we believe that the cuts will impact greatly on some of the more disadvantaged areas. Please take some time to feedback how it will affect you if the proposals go ahead. You can feedback by completing a very simple feedback form at



Bradford Council Budget Consultation

Britannia House

Bradford BD1 1HX


If you don’t feel you can do either of the above but still want to make an objection please speak to a member of staff or a member of the Management Committee and they can complete the online form on your behalf. The more objections that are raised the more likely the Council are going to take notice of us. The budget proposals which we oppose are:


  • 27% cut to the Advice service – a loss of £17,415 over the next two years
  • Removing the Core Cost Grant of £3,500 will mean we will not have enough money to pay for heating, lighting, telephone, rent, rates etc
  • Removing the rental subsidy – if the proposal to remove subsidies is approved we will be paying £6500 per annum as opposed to £600 per annum
  • Please feedback and help us challenge these proposals.

Please also raise it with our Local Councillors:

  • Councillor Vanda Greenwood: Tel 07866110583
  • Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe: Tel 07971562628
  • Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw: Tel 07582100052