Have your say!

Register to vote before Monday 22nd May to have your say in the General Election 2017. If you have moved into Windhill recently or have never voted before you will have to update your details to vote in the constituency.

What do you need?

To be able to get on the electoral register you may have to provide:

  • A National Insurance number.
  • Your passport (if you are planning on living abroad).

Once you have registered you will be on the Electoral Register,  you can now vote in future referendums and general elections.

What if you can’t vote in this General Election?

If you are not able to vote in person you can apply to vote by proxy. You will be able to ask anyone to vote as your proxy if they are registered and they are allowed to vote in the same election. One person can be a proxy for two people. You will have to apply for a proxy vote at least six working days before June 8th.

Here are some reasons that you may have to be able to apply for a proxy vote.

  • You will be away.
  • You will be at work.
  • If you will be attending a course.
  • You’re disabled.
  • You’re living overseas.
  • You are serving overseas as a member of the armed forces.
  • You are a British council employee or Crown servant (overseas civil service or diplomatic service).

For a Proxy voting application form click here.

To register to vote or find more information click here.

Remember to register to vote for the general election 2017.

Image of a person voting in general election 2017