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Welcome to Carers Week June!

This week Equality Together celebrate all the carers of the UK and the world with Carers Week 2016. They’ve tried to focus June’s edition of their newsletter on carers and the important role they play in society. We all know that the world would collapse without all the dedicated love that they pour into the people they care for and look after. This organisation would also like to thank each and every one of them.
Equality Together welcome your feedback, please let them know if this is the type of information you want, or if you would like to give some ideas please do get in touch.

Find out more on Equality Together’s website:


Dates for your Diary


  • Why not come join our women’s group,Ladies Together, they meet every Thursday at Carlisle Business Centre between 1 and 4pm.  Each week there is a different activity and they are a user led group, you choose what is happening.

For more information, contact Equality Together on 01274 494121, on email –info@equalitytogether.org.uk
Carlisle Business Centre, Manningham, BD8 8BD To book your place call 01274 481590, emailinfo@equalitytogether.org.uk or text 0780759528.

The Youth Forum meets monthly, usually at Carlisle Business Centre.

Please ring the team on 01274 494121 for more information.

It is open to any young person with a disability between the ages of 16 and 25.